Request orders.

Request Parameters


Support for new order types and conditions (Check available markets through the Announcement)

  • New Order Type added: Best Order (Add best type at ord_type)

  • New Condition Type added: IOC (Immediate or Cancel), FOK (Fill or Kill)

    • time_in_force field is newly added. Available type are ioc and fok.

Field NameDescriptionType
market *Market ID (required)String
side *Order Type (required)

- bid : Buy
- ask : Sell
volume *Order Volume (Required when selling at the limit price or market price)NumberString
price *Order Price. (Required when selling at the limit price or market price)
Ex 1) When trading 1BTC at 1,000 KRW in the KRW-BTC market, the value becomes 1000.
Ex 2) If the first asking price in the KRW-BTC market orderbook of 1 BTC equals to 500 KRW and the market price is set to 1,000 then a total of 2 BTC will be bought.
(Fee might occur and vary depending on the minimum asking price)
ord_type *Order Method (required)
- limit : Limit Order
- price : Market Price Order (Bid)
- market : Market Price Order (Ask)
identifierUser Designated Value for Inquiries (Optional)String (Uniq 값 사용)
time_in_forceIOC, FOK Order Settings*

- ioc : Immediate or Cancel
- fok : Fill or Kill
*Only supported when *ord_typeis best or limit**


Check the Price Unit in the KRW Market

When requesting an order in the KRW market, make sure to check the KRW market order price unit and enter the value.


Use of identifier Parameter

The identifier is the key value that is issued directly by the user, not the uuid that is issued by the service. This value is used to search orders. This value must deliver a unique value among the user's full order. A request may not be made under the same value in cases of an error during the transaction process.

Regardless of the order being successful or not, duplicated identifier values will cause a duplicate error, so please generate a new value for each request.


Market Price Order

  • For market price orders, please set the ord_type field to price or market
  • For purchase orders, set the ord_type to price and set the volume to null or exclude it completely.
  • For sale orders, set the ord_type to market and set the price to null or exclude it completely.
  • Market Price Order does not support ioc , fok


Best Order

  • Please set the ord_type field with best .
  • Please set the time_in_force field with ioc or fok .


Ioc, Fok Limit Order

  • Please set theord_type field with limit.
  • Please set thetime_in_force field with ioc or fok.


Field NameDescription타입
uuidUnique Order IDString
sideOrder TypeString
ord_typeOrder MethodString
priceCurrency Price at the Time of OrderNumberString
stateOrder StatusString
marketMarket Unique KeyString
created_atOrder Generation TimeString
volumeUser Input Order VolumeNumberString
remaining_volumeRemaining Order Volume after TradeNumberString
reserved_feeReserved as FeesNumberString
remaining_feeRemaining FeesNumberString
paid_feeUsed FeesNumberString
lockedTotal Amount used in TransactionNumberString
executed_volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades_countThe number of Transactions in the orderInteger
time_in_forceIOC, FOK SettingString