Generate deposit address.

Request Parameters

currency *Currency SymbolString
net_typeDeposit networkString


successSuccess Request Y/NBoolean
messageResult MessageString


currencyCurrency SymbolString
net_typeCurrency NetworkString
deposit_addressDeposit AddressString
secondary_addressSecondary Deposit AddressString


Deposit Address Generation Request API precaution

Deposit Address Generation occurs asynchronously in the server.

Due to the asynchronous generation characteristics, the deposit address may not be issued simultaneously with the request.

Upon an Address Issuance Request, the result will be returned as Response 1 and it will be returned as Response1 until the address issue is completed.

After the address is issued, you will not get a new address but your current issued address will be transitioned into a Response2.

If the address is not generated normally, please call the API again after a certain time.