Request to deposit KRW.

Request Parameters


v1.4.1 Update : two_factor_type Required & 'Kakaopay' 2FA depricated + Kakao 2FA new support (Completed)

  • Kakao 2FA kakao added on November 20th.
  • After December 18th, the two_factor_type field has become a mandatory field without a default value, so when requesting a KRW deposit, you must specify the two_factor_type value.
  • kakao_pay can no longer be used as a 2FA after December 18th.

Go to the announcements for more information.

amount *Deposit AmountNumber
two_factor_typeTwo-Factor Authenticationkakao : 2FA via Kakao
naver : 2FA via Naver


typeDeposit TypeString
uuidUnique Deposit IDString
currencyCurrency SymbolString
txidDeposit Transaction IDString
stateDeposit StatusString
created_atDeposition Generation TimeDateString
done_atDeposit Completion TimeDateString
amountDeposit AmountNumberString
feeDeposit FeeNumberString
transaction_typeDeposit Type
default : Deposit
internal :Lightning Deposit