Cancel an order by order UUID.

Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
uuidUUID Order Canceling Request (Required)String
identifierUser Declared Unique IdentifierString


Either uuid or identifier must be included.


Field NameDescriptionType
uuidUnique Order IDString
sideOrder TypeString
ord_typeOrder MethodString
priceCurrency Price at the Time of OrderNumberString
stateOrder StatusString
marketMarket Unique KeyString
created_atOrder Generation TimeString
volumeUser Input Order VolumeNumberString
remaining_volumeRemaining Order Volume after TransactionNumberString
reserved_feeReserved FeesNumberString
remaining_feeRemaining FeesNumberString
paid_feeUsed FeesNumberString
lockedTotal Amount used in TransactionNumberString
executed_volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades_countThe number of Transactions in the orderInteger