Request the wallet status (deposit/withdrawal/block)


Wallet status data may differ from actual service status.

The deposit/withdrawal status and block status information provided by API may be reflected with a delay of several minutes. Please use this API only for reference, and be sure to refer to the Upbit notice and Wallet Status page before performing actual deposit and withdrawal.


Network Type (net_type) vs. Network Name (network_name)

  • What is Network Type (net_type)?
    It refers to the blockchain network used for digital asset deposit and withdrawal, and the network (chain) used may differ depending on the type of digital asset. *Please make sure that the address and the network match exactly, as normal deposit and withdrawal may not be possible if the networks do not match.
    The value of Network Type (net_type) is required when withdrawing digital assets.
  • What is Network Name (network_name)?
    It is a function that allows you to check the name of the blockchain network for digital assets supported by Upbit.
    It has the same value as the 'Network' in the deposit and withdrawal status page provided by the Upbit Support Center.


currencyCurrency SymbolString
wallet_stateDeposit and Withdrawal Status
- working : deposit and withdrawal are available
- withdraw_only : withdrawal available
- deposit_only : deposit available
- paused : deposit and withdrawal not available
- unsupported : deposit and withdrawal not supported
block_stateBlock Status
- normal
- delayed
- inactive (ex. maintenance, etc)
block_heightBlock HeightInteger
block_updated_atBlock's last updateDateString
block_elapsed_minutesElapsed time since the last update of block information (in minutes)Integer
net_typeNetwork Type that should be specified when making deposit and withdrawal-related requestsString
network_nameNetwork NameString