Market List available for trading on Upbit



market_warning field to be deprecated

market_warning field to be deprecated. Kindly use the market_event field to check for investment warnings or cautions.

Field NameDescriptionType
marketMarket information provided by UpbitString
korean_nameKorean name of supported digital assetString
english_nameEnglish name of supported digital assetString
market_warningWhether the digital asset is marked as 'Investment Caution'
NONE (Not applicable), CAUTION(Investment Caution)

*To be deprecated
market_event.warningUpbit market events > Investment Warning
*Please refer to the related announcement for the classification of Market events.
market_event.cautionUpbit market events > Investment Caution

*Investment caution types: For more information check the announcement page.
- PRICE_FLUCTUATIONS: Notification of rapid price fluctuations
- TRADING_VOLUME_SOARING: Notification of a sudden increase in trading volume
- DEPOSIT_AMOUNT_SOARING: Notification of a sudden increase in deposit amount
- GLOBAL_PRICE_DIFFERENCES: Notification of significant global price differences
- CONCENTRATION_OF_SMALL_ACCOUNTS: Notification of a concentration of small accounts.