Get a list of API keys and their expiration dates.


v1.4.1 Update : Changing to 'Account-based' Limit (from Oct 24, 2023)

  • Previously, Exchange API limited requests per individual Open API key, but after the change, request rate limit will be measured on an account basis.
  • There will no longer be a limit on requests 'per minute', and the limit will only be measured 'per second'.
    • Order Request: 200 times/min -> 480 times/min
    • Other API Request: 900 times/min -> 1,800 times/min
  • Visit our announcement page for more information.
  • To use the Open API, select the function and enter the IP address in order to issue an Open API Key. Key issuance and management are available on the corresponding page.
  • Open API is available only when accessing through the IP address entered at the time of issuing the Open API Key. Enter up to 5 IP address per Key.
  • Issue up to 10 API Keys per account.
  • The Secret key is issued only once. Make sure to keep the issued Secret key separately in a safe place.
  • The validity period of the Open API key token is one year and cannot be extended. After the expiration of the validity period; delete the Open API key and issue a new key.
  • When issuing, modifying, or deleting an Open API Key, additional 2FA is required. When a required function is changed, delete the key from Open API Key Management and register again.