Request individual order by UUID of the order.

Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
uuidOrder UUIDString
identifierUser Designated Value for InquiriesString


Either the uuid or identifier must be included.



Support for new order types and conditions (Check available markets through the Announcement)

  • New Order Type added: Best Order (Add best type at ord_type)

  • New Condition Type added: IOC (Immediate or Cancel), FOK (Fill or Kill)

    • time_in_force field is newly added. Available type are ioc and fok.

Field NameDescriptionType
uuidUnique Order IDString
sideOrder TypeString
ord_typeOrder MethodString
priceCurrency Price at the Time of OrderNumberString
stateOrder StatusString
marketMarket Unique KeyString
created_atOrder Created TimeDateString
volumeUser Input Order VolumeNumberString
remaining_volumeRemaining Order Volume after tradingNumberString
reserved_feeCost reserved for feesNumberString
remaining_feeRemaining FeesNumberString
paid_feeUsed FeesNumberString
lockedRatio being used in TransactionsNumberString
executed_volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades_countThe number of Transactions in the orderInteger
trades.marketMarket Unique KeyString
trades.uuidUnique Transaction IDString
trades.priceTraded PriceNumberString
trades.volumeTraded VolumeNumberString
trades.fundsTotal Traded PriceNumberString
trades.sideTraded TypeString
trades.created_atTraded TimeDateString
time_in_forceIOC, FOK SettingsString