Request withdrawal for digital assets.


Withdrawals Available only to Registered Wallet Address

Register a withdrawal address in order to proceed with withdrawal using the Open API. Please register a withdrawal address in the following steps.

Upbit Website [Settings] > [Open API] > [Withdrawal Wallet Management]


Precautions upon using Lightning Withdrawal

A lightning withdrawal will not be processed properly if it is requested to a non-Upbit member address. Please make a withdrawal after checking the withdrawal address.

Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
currency *Currency SymbolString
amount *Withdrawal amountNumber
address *address *
Withdrawal Address registered in the Withdrawal Wallet Management
secondary_addressDestination Tag (DT) or Memo (only for required digital assets)String
transaction_typeWithdrawal Type
default : General Withdrawal
internal : Lightning Withdrawal


Field NameDescriptionType
typeWithdrawal TypeString
uuidUnique ID for WithdrawalString
currencyCurrency SymbolString
txidTransaction ID for WithdrawalString
stateWithdrawal StatusString
created_atWithdrawal Generation TimeDateString
done_atWithdrawal Completion TimeDateString
amountWithdrawal AmountNumberString
feeWithdrawal FeeNumberString
krw_amountKRW Conversion PriceNumberString
transaction_typeWithdrawal TypeString