Travel rule verification needs only 1 request. If verification fails, check the recipient and Upbit account information (must match) and request once again.

  • Deposit is reflected if travel rule verification is completed.
  • For deposits still proccessing, it will be reflected once verification is completed.
  • Same logic deposit calls(same deposit TxID, recipient exchange UUID combination) is requested every 10 mins.

*Click here for more information regarding Travel Rule.+

Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionType
vasp_uuid *Recipient Exchange UUID

*For more information see the Travel Rule VASP List
txid Deposit TxIDString
currencyDeposit currencyString
net_typeDeposit network type

*For more information see the Deposit list inquiry


Field NameDescriptionType
deposit_uuidDeposit UUIDString
deposit_stateDeposit statusString
verification_resultVerification resultsString