Request Rate Limit

The limit on the number of EXCHANGE API and QUOTATION API requests for accurate confirmation on the request condition is listed below.

Date : 2020-03-03
Updated : 2023-10-24

  • Updated about change of Request Limit Policy ('Account-based' Limit, no limit on requests 'per minute')
  • The followings are the additional notes on the standards for the limit on the number of requests besides orders.
  • Also the total of the available key issuing per account.

Common Notes

  • An IP address is required when issuing an Open API Key and 5 IP addresses per key is allowed as the maximum.
  • Issue 10 Open API keys per account.
  • The request rate limit is counted by each API key.
  • Must select needed functions and IP address when issuing an API key. Manage and issue API keys through this page. Kindly refer to the API key list request to request the key list using Open API.


[Order Request]

  • 8 times/sec

[Other API Request]

  • 30 times/sec

[Additional notes on Exchange API]

  • (Update) Request rate limit is measured on an account basis.
  • The standard above is the limit on the number of requests for each Open API Key.
  • Even in the case of requests within this standard, if multiple Open API Keys are used on one account, the number of requests may be limited to provide stable service for the entire Upbit.
  • The above number of requests may not be temporarily guaranteed depending on the conditions for the server and services.
  • Check the remaining number of available requests by referring to the method below which describes how to check the remaining number of requests.
  • (Update) The order request API and non-order request API request limit are counted separately.


  1. Limit the number of Websocket connection requests
  • WebSocket connection request: 5 times/sec, 100 times/min
  • Data requests after connection of the WebSocket : 5 times/sec, 100 times/min
  1. Limit the number of REST API
  • 10 times/sec, 600 times/min (each market , candle, order , ticker, order books endpoint)

[Additional notes on Quotation API]

  • The limit on the number of Quotation API requests is based on IP address.
  • For the provision of stable service in the future, the number of API requests may be further adjusted. We will make sure to notify you through a separate notice.
  • If any of the limits per second and limit per minute exceeds the number of requests, the request limit is applied.
  • The time condition applied to the limit on the number of requests is based on the time of the first request and is initialized after a certain period of time. (Failed requests are not included in the number of requests.)
  • If you need multiple REST API requests, please receive them through WebSocket.

Upbit Developer Center will strive to commit our best in striving to provide more stable and advanced services in the future.
If there is any change in the limit of the number of requests in the future, we will make sure to notify you through a separate notice.

[Check the Remaining Exchange API Requests]

Upbit Open API service puts a limit on the number of requests per second for a seamless usage environment. When you call API, the number of remaining requests can be seen through the Remaining-Req response header.

Remaining-Req: group=default; min=1799; sec=29

If you received a response header in the format above, this means you are allowed to make 29 requests that second and 1,799 requests during the remaining 1 minute for the default group.


If there are requests that exceed the allotted time, a 429 Too Many Requestserror may occur. However, no additional penalty will be imposed.