Common Issues

REST API Request Error

When an error occurs while processing an API request, the error code is returned to the HTTP response body. The main error code can be checked on the Reference for Upbit Developer’s Center.
If an error not found on the document above is to occur, please make an inquiry involving the corresponding error code.

Error appears even after Allowing IP address

There are some cases when the IP address checked on a local network and the actual IP address used on the network differ.

  • When using a local PC: an external IP address is found when searching “what is my IP” or “my IP address” on search engines like Google.
  • When using the server: IP address used on the server’s external network

Try again after registering the address above on the allowed list.

Using API in a Dynamic IP environment.

As a measurement to safely protect your assets, an allowed IP address must be entered in order to issue keys. Make sure to use a cloud server or fixed IP service.

Quotations FAQ

I would like to calculate Chart Indicators

Please refer to the Upbit’s chart indicators provided on Chartiq, Tradingview.

I would like to receive UBCI indicator via API

UBCI API is not provided in the form of Open API. In case of any changes, it will be announced through the notice.

I would like to be informed of the criteria for Buy, Sell (bid/ask)

The decision criteria are as follows

  • When someone buys at a nominal price for sale, the purchase would be BID type
  • If someone sells at a nominal price for buying, the purchase would be ASK type

From the making/taking point of view, it would be decided depending on the order type of taking.

I would like to receive volume power via API

We are currently not providing volume strength via API at the moment. Although, you can calculate the volume strength by receiving completed buying data of websocket.

[Volume Power Formula]

Volume Power = Bid Volume/Ask Volume × 100%
If volume strength is bigger than 100, it means that the ask volume is dominant than bid and when it’s smaller than 100, it means that the buying volume is dominant than ask

Volume Power is calculated from UTC 12:00 (KST 09:00) with the formula stated above.
Please note that this calculation formula can be changed without notice during future service operations.

Converting USDT price to KRW

The price change in KRW will be calculated via market price on Upbit.


Trade-related FAQ

The transaction history between Upbit app/web and the API response does not match

The transaction history displayed on Upbit web/app is the execution list, and the contents that can be checked on the Open API are the order list. The two may differ, as multiple executions may occur within a single order.

A list of executions can be viewed through the trades field of the Order Tracking API response.

Market Order can't be found using the Order List Inquiries API

A market buy order can occur in both cases when the order status is cancel, done after being executed.

  • If an order balance occurs after the execution at market price, the remaining balance will be returned and processed as cancel. In most cases, an insignificant amount that is not divisible to 8 decimal places will accrue as the order backlog.
  • If there is no order remaining and all orders are completed, the order status will turn intodone.

[Example] Buying 10,000 KRW worth of digital assets currently at 30,000 KRW.

  1. Bid amount: 10,000 / 30,000 = 0.33333333... => rounded down to 9 decimals
  2. Actual bid amount : 0.33333333 * 30,000 = 9,999.9999 KRW
  3. Order balance : 10,000 - 9,999.9999 = 0.0001 KRW

In the case above when the asset is bought at the market price, a small amount of order balance occurs, the corresponding amount will be returned into account and the order will be canceled. In the case of a market sell order, since the request is made by quantity, there is nothing to divide, thus the order balance doesn’t occur.

Also, please note that there is a states field in the order list inquiry API, so you can view multiple statuses at the same time.

Failed to place a Market Order

In the case of a market order, the price of buy/sell is not specified. So between the value of price or volume, only one among the value of price or volume must exist.
For more details, please refer to the document regarding the Ordering API reference document.

I am getting an error, despite having a remaining number of requests to place an order

This occurs when the order stabilization system operates during a temporary spike in order requests.

The order stabilization system is operated system-wide regardless of Open API and Upbit App/Web. Therefore, order requests may fail while the stabilization system is in operation, even if there is a remaining number.

If the error above occurs, please try again after a few seconds.