List of Frequent Error Codes


If the value of the API request is invalid or an error has occurred while processing, the JSON body with an HTTP status code is returned as follows:

  "error": {
    "message": "<Description of the Error>",
    "name": "<Error Code>"

The frequent error codes are as follows.

400 Bad Request

The information on the order request is incorrect.
Please check the value of the parameters.

A frequent error is assigning price, though it is a market price order.
Please check the Order document.
The available balance for bid/ask is insufficient.
The amount of orders requested is under the minimum order amount.
withdraw_address_not_registerdNot registered withdrawal address.
You can withdraw only by the registered address from the permitted list.
validation_errorWrong API request.
Please check if there is a missing value.

401 Unauthorized

'401 Unauthorized error' occurs when your JWT signature is incorrect. Go to the Creating an Authorizable Request document to check whether the signature is correct.

invalid_query_payloadThe payload of the JWT header is incorrect.
Please check the value of the payload used to sign.
jwt_verificationFailed to verify the JWT header.
Please check whether the token has been correctly created and signed.
expired_access_keyThe API key has expired.
nonce_usedThis value of nonce has been used already.
Use a new nonce value for the JWT header payload every time.
no_authorization_i_pThis IP address was not permitted.
out_of_scopeThis function is not permitted.