Open API Technical Support

Upbit Developer Center provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions and List of Frequent Error Codes.
Kindly check the supported documents and in case of additional questions refer to the information below.

Open API Technical Support Channels

  • Contact us through email if you are experiencing difficulties using our API.
    Email address: [email protected]
    *Contact us via your Upbit account email address for faster support.

    [How to check registered email in Upbit]
    Mobile: [More] > [Click on Profile or nickname] > [Personal Information] > [Email]
    PC: [MY] > [Edit Personal Information]

  • For other inquiries contact us through 1:1 inquiries.

    Upbit > Support > Submit Inquiries

*The example code provided on this page is for convenience and simple reference purposes only. Please use it at your own discretion and responsibility. Also, make sure to check the Upbit Open API Terms of Use which details the member's obligations, responsibilities, and other related matters before using the service.